Judge tosses Donald Trump’s bid to silence critical author

Wealthy and aggressive individuals wielding defamation lawsuits never seldom sometimes, but apparently not in this case, prosper in efforts to silence their critics. [NY Post, Bloomberg, WSJ Law Blog] Trump vows an appeal against New York Times-affiliated author Timothy O’Brien — not to run up anyone’s legal costs further, you understand, but from a disinterested sense of justice. Earlier coverage here, here, here, and here. More: American Lawyer.


  • Trump’s lawyer seems not to bright. He seems to confuse a motion to dismiss with a motion for summary judgment – which involve different standards. He said there were, “disputed material facts” that should be heard by a jury.

    I wonder if I just set myself up for a defamation law suit by Mr. Tambussi for questioning his legal skills.

  • Maybe Trump will spend enough on lawyers that he really will be just a plain old millionare.