July 16 roundup

  • Bad move for GOP to call disappointed litigant as witness at Sotomayor hearing [Taranto via Barnett] Nominee’s disavowal of Legal Realism and identitarian/viewpoint-based judging should be seen as a victory for legal conservatism [Copland at PoL, related Examiner and NRO “Bench Memos”; Adler/WaPo; coverage in NYT] Why do Senators speechify instead of asking questions? “Why does the rain fall from up above?” [Althouse]
  • “Illinois Law Dean Announces New Admission Policy in Wake of Scandal” [NLJ; earlier] “U of I Law School Got Scholarship Cash for Clout Admissions” [ABA Journal]
  • Weird warning sign in Swedish elevator [BoingBoing; commenters there disagree as to whether the elevator in question is of an old continuous-motion type called a Paternoster which has fallen out of use in part because of its high accident risk, or an elevator of more conventional design but lacking an inner door]
  • “Gambler Appeals; Wants More of His Money Back From Casino” [South Korea; Lowering the Bar]
  • The price of one Ohio Congresswoman’s vote on Waxman-Markey [Washington Times via Coyote, who has a followup]
  • “Want to live like tort king Melvin Belli?” [real estate listing in Pacific Heights; WSJ Law Blog]
  • Fierce moral urgency yada yada: “Put nothing in writing, ever” advised Carol Browner on CAFE regs [Mark Tapscott, D.C. Examiner] Alex Beam zings Obama on signing statements [Boston Globe]
  • Constitution lists only three federal crimes: treason, piracy, and counterfeiting. How’d we get to 4,500 today? [Ryan Young, CEI “Open Market”]


  • Speaking of Treason, I am surprised that Federal Government Agents working for the TSA who are caught stealing from passengers *aren’t* charged under any terrorist or treason statute.

    Google for the story on yesterday’s arrest at NY JFK airport of a TSA Agent. He’s being prosecuted by a local–not Federal–prosecutor and only faces 5 years in jail if caught stealing.

    Frankly there’s more evidence that these TSA agents are compromising the security of our nation that there is evidence against many of the people at Gitmo.

  • Called a “Paternoster” because it’s a good idea to say one before stepping on?

  • I’ve seen the same sign on a lift to the storage cellar at the flats I now live in in Sweden. As said, there is no inner door, and if you’re not careful, you could catch something just by the door.


  • […] Panel spanks U. of Illinois law school for admitting students at behest of politicos, but goes easy on the pols themselves [Ribstein, more, earlier here, here, here] […]