July 8, Washington DC

The Center for American Progress is hosting two panels on the topic “Legal Services for the Poor in an Economic Downturn,” this Wednesday, July 8. I’m on the first panel with Peter Edelman and Don Saunders from 12 to 1. A “light lunch” will be served at 11:30. I’ve spoken before on this topic in rooms where I was the only person on the center-right, but it’s always nice to see a friendly face.

One Comment

  • My new Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, sent out an e-mailing about the “toxins” from ground zero. I recommended to her that she seek out Ted Frank’s counsel on the issue.

    It is easy to fall into an echo chamber, so Ted Frank’s polite and well informed opinion can be helpful to those captive to left nonsense. Ms. Gillibrand can, in my opinion, be a fine Senator. Somebody has to get her to follow her academic training and really think about issues.