“Man Burned at Burning Man Assumed Risk of Injury”

“Get too close to the Burning Man fire and you assume the “obvious and inherent” risk of being burned, a California appeals court has ruled in dismissing a personal injury lawsuit against the operators of the iconic countercultural arts festival.” [OnPoint News, ruling in PDF, Bob Egelko/San Francisco Chronicle, Shaun Martin/California Appellate Report (sees ruling as expanding scope of existing California assumption-of-risk defense), Michael Krauss/Point of Law (hails ruling), Lowering the Bar]


  • Okay, okay, there has to be something wrong in this report. i mean a sensible ruling… in california?! No, no, that’s impossible!

  • There’s something very strange going on here. That’s twice in as many days that I’ve seen some organ of the California government apply some common sense> to a situation. Are the end times here?

  • This gives meaning to the phrase “Shake hands with the Devil, You get burned.”

  • Johnanthan

    Its like that line in Ghostbusters: “dogs and cats living together!”

  • Warning: Fire is hot when lit.