August 10 roundup

  • Annals of legal marketing: law firm says its flyers offering to sue landlords over sexual assault on premises were left indiscriminately on car windshields, and it didn’t mean to target the woman who found it on hers and assumed it referred to her case [New Jersey Law Journal, Legal Blog Watch, Legal Ethics Forum]
  • “The Bankruptcy Files: Inside Michael Vick’s ‘Excessive’ Legal Bills” [AmLaw Daily]
  • Panel spanks U. of Illinois law school for admitting students at behest of politicos, but goes easy on the pols themselves [Ribstein, more, earlier here, here, here]
  • Youths who obtained big settlement in San Francisco Zoo tiger attack are having more encounters with the law [SF Chronicle, earlier]
  • Czech Republic: Suit by communist professor against critical students still in progress after 18 years [Volokh]
  • More thoughts on Florida lawmakers’ criminalization of purported gang signals, on MySpace and elsewhere [Citizen Media Law, earlier]
  • RIAA case: does the Constitution restrain unreasonable statutory damages? [Kennerly]
  • Eager law grad hoping to make a career of suing foodmakers over obesity [six years ago on Overlawyered]

One Comment

  • As a cat lover, I was rooting for the cats in the SF zoo tiger attacks. My prediction: These guys will use a “PTSD” defense to try to explain their actions.