August 17 roundup


  • The immigration law situation is scandalous, from my own experience. I spent 7 years as a legal immigrant on an H1B until I finally earned my green card last year, and the lack of basic care and competence was astonishing, even in apparently legitimate lawyers.

    I learnt to check every document they sent me extremely carefully, and they still made some glaring mistakes like classifying me as an unskilled worker on one document, which delayed my green card by two years. A friend had his lawyer send him a completed document to sign which had the “I am a bigamist” box checked!

    Part of the problem is that the rules are more complex than the tax system, but there’s also very little downside for the lawyers if they mess up. As a prospective immigrant you’re very keen not to rock the boat, and if you’re deported, you won’t be knocking on the lawyer’s door to complain.

  • I fear may incur the wrath of the world’s smallest jihadi cell for its blasphemous (albeit tiny) depiction of Mohammed 🙂

  • Do we want the drafters of CPSIA anywhere near health care reform? NO! But don’t get mad about it, or you’ll just be part of the “angry mob” or “astroturfing” or “unamerican” … did I forget anything?

  • Darby, don’t forget “racist”, maybe “homophobic”, or “a [tool] of ____________”. (Fill in the blank with: Big Pharma, insurance, hospitals, etc. …. anything but lawyers.)