Fortune: “Las Vegas’s medical Mafia”

“Prosecutors say a group of top lawyers and doctors conspired to collect millions in inflated damages by pushing accident victims into dubious surgery.” Riveting, detail-filled account of the alleged involvement of numerous Nevada lawyers and as many as 20 doctors in what prosecutors say was boldly and systematically organized misconduct, with even some sectors of the judiciary in the state at best cowed by the scheme’s managers. An elegant touch: physicians who played ball are said to have been assured protection from malpractice suits from many feared attorneys, while those not in on the scheme appear in some cases to have been at extra peril. This looks to be one of the year’s most important ventures into investigative journalism on the underside of litigation — don’t even think of missing it [Katherine Eban, Fortune, Aug. 19] More: discussed by Darleen Click and commenters, Protein Wisdom.


  • Wow that article is shocking. Perhaps some statistician should do a study comparing Las Vegas insurance rates with insurance rates in other areas (adjusting for accident occurence rates) to see just how much this alleged conspiracy has been costing Las Vegas drivers. I’ll bet it would be a lot. But I suspect it would be very difficult indeed to find an area of the country where insurance fraud is low enough to make it an adequate “control” for comparison.

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  • You expect this type of behavior from lawyers but DOCTORS performing unnecessary spinal surgeries. Many of their patient / victims will live in agony for the rest of their lives not to mention the lady who was paralyzed as consequence. Just appalling! Tort reform isn’t the answer, our judicial system needs a complete overhaul.

  • Thank you posting this article. This is HUGE!!! Is there just one legal mafia in sin city? I have heard there are several different “legal mafias” milling about. I am informed and believe that one deals with land, one deals with old or dead people and one deals with home owners associations. Please investigate, enlighten us and by all means…BRING THE RAIN!

  • wow… this article blew my mind i can’t believe that doctors of all people would be hurting their patients in such a sick way… that poor woman who was paralyzed didn’t even get the 10 million she was fighting for instead she only got two million… now thats just bull….. it kind of makes you wonder who you can even trust in this F’d up society of ours…..???