On video: California bookstore owner’s ADA suit

Alzada Knickerbocker’s bookshop in Davis Sacramento, California, the Avid Reader, was hit with a complaint from a serial ADA filer. She went on camera to explain what happened for the Sick of Lawsuits video series. More on ADA serial filers here. And the Desert Sun in southern California profiles the activities of San Diego resident Roy Gash, who “is or was the plaintiff in more than 200 ADA lawsuits,” and his lawyer Theodore Pinnock, whose San Diego firm Pinnock and Wakefield “has filed about 2,000 such suits.”

P.S. Thanks to commenter B.P. for correction: the suit was against the store’s Sacramento, not Davis, branch.

One Comment

  • While there is an Avid Reader in Davis, CA, it does not have a parking lot (not counting the city-owned and operated lot behind the store). This lawsuit was actually directed at the nearby Sacramento, CA store.