Passing labor-law bill will “Defeat the Right Forever”

Or at least that’s the theme of a panel discussion this week from the lefty Kossack folks, claiming that card check will consign conservatives to “permanent minority” status. [ShopFloor]


  • How many union bosses will it put out of work? When are people going to wake-up and smell what is being shoveled? This has been going on for years.

  • Actually, it may accelerate the moving of production and union jobs out of the country. Thus, it may in fact, harm the left because they will not have the unions behind them. There wont be as many of them.

  • Doug,
    I think you are missing a big part of this bill. It won’t just be government workers and factory jobs that will be union anymore. This will affect the hospitality and retail industry even more. I wonder how much WalMart’s prices will go up with union workers. What about the cost of a hamburger at McDondalds? It will be a very different economy.

  • Don’t forget all your call center/customer service folks. Think its a pain to try to talk to verizon, comcast, ect. now, wait until they are all unionized.

  • Oh, yes how very true. I should have thought this thru a little bit better than that.

  • short term loss for long term gain. Talk about unintended consequences. Market forces won’t tolerate the typical production inefficiencies which have long plagued highly organized industries. I think big labor is building their own gallows.

  • The use of jet engines dramatically increased the efficiency of airlines and the unions forced the economic benefit to be passed to their workers. Similarly the benefits of economies of scale were passed to workers through unions in the automobile and steel industries.

    It is beyond my imagination where the increase in wages for union workers will come from. The benefits of the efficiencies of box stores have already been passed on to consumers.