Rise and fall of an ethically challenged attorney

“In Minnesota legal circles, a newspaper once wrote of him, David Moskal was ‘known for several remarkable achievements, including the fastest disbarment in the state’s history.'” Not content with making more than $1 million a year through his injury practice, Moskal also stole millions from clients. Even after his disgrace, he passed himself off as an attorney while working as a client liaison at a spine-injury center. [Legal Blog Watch, MinnLawyer, WestWord (which also has an interesting background article on the relations between lawyers and injury-treatment clinics in Denver)]

One Comment

  • The discussion of the role of Spine & Injury Center in the Denver Westword News article in this item reminds me of how auto accident injury businesses have taken over inner city business districts to a significant extent. I recently had occasion to visit the downtown area of a small city that had seen better days. And its business district was dominated by auto accident “treatment” businesses and by storefront personal injury lawyer offices. A relative who has to drive through a depressed inner city area in the city where he works reports that there too the majority of the businesses are auto accident treatment businesses and storefront personal injury lawyer offices. It seems like the personal injury auto accident recovery business is booming in the inner city.