Welcome Free Range Kids readers

As readers may have noticed, I’m a big booster of Lenore Skenazy’s wonderful Free-Range Kids website (subtitle: “Giving our kids the freedom we had without going nuts with worry”), and yesterday she returned the favor with some more than kind words about this site (“great, nay mindblowing”) and a discussion of our recent post about a Staten Island mother’s suit against Little League and volunteer coaches. Interesting reader discussions ensue. (Also, more on her book here.)

While on the topic of that Little League suit, Rick Reilly of ESPN Magazine has a new column that a lot of people are talking about: “A tale of two Little Leaguers


  • And just over two weeks ago, she settled for $125,000.

    Sadly, the lawyer still got his pound (well maybe only 8 oz) of flesh.

  • FRK: that’s a new perspective on ‘but it’s for the children’!