“Bank of America Sued for 1.784 Sextillion Dollars”

Because a quadrillion just doesn’t sound like real money any more [Reuters via Lowering the Bar]. “If [complainant Chiscolm] thinks Bank of America has branches on every planet in the cosmos, then it might start to make some sense.”


  • Perhaps he meant Zimbabwean Dollars, in which case it’d be about the change in your pocket.

  • I would have demanded a gazillion dollars.


  • Judge Chin gave Chiscolm until October 23 to better explain the basis for his claims, or else see his complaint dismissed.

    Why give him a second try? What does it take to get the lawsuit dismissed the first time? This is a great example of one of the things that is wrong with the legal system. No matter how crazy the lawsuit, the court is still reluctant to dismiss it.

  • One of my favorite cases involved a pro se plaintiff who sued my client for 1 billion dollars million dollars. Took 18 months to get it tossed.

  • 18 months? And how much did that cost your client? These things need to be dismissed immediately.