CPSIA: StoryBlox closing its doors

PIRG be not proud: “Until recently, I had high hopes that this law would be amended. …ABCblocks We do not mass produce our products, for that our customers love us, and for that congress has made it impossible for us to continue selling our toys without breaking the law.” — Tammy Bowles, founder of the Ohio-based educational plaything line StoryBlox, whose former line can be browsed here. More: Ken at Popehat.


  • My husband forwarded me this story from FoxNews today: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,552021,00.html?test=faces

    Resale Roundup??? No, that’s not purposely targeting small companies at all… <–note heavy dose of sarcasm http://cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml09/09299.html

  • PIRG be not proud, indeed! How many small business closures will it take before the CPSIA is revealed to be what it is: a knee-jerk reaction that went horribly awry. How many??

  • Ugh. I honestly can’t understand why those who are in charge of enforcing this law don’t get down to some good, old-fashioned civil disobediance. (They’re government employees, right? It’s not like they can get fired.)
    My daughter is one year old and I have all these old children’s books from when my father was a kid. I feel physically ill remembering the trash bins outside our local thrift store piled high with not only toys, but books.
    Shame on anyone who still backs CPSIA as it is written now!
    Don’t “we the people” get a say?