Financial woes at AAJ?

According to the Washington Times, a decline in membership dues and the collapse of a real estate deal are causing difficulties for the American Association for Justice, the trial lawyers’ lobby. [typo fixed now, h/t John H.] (& welcome Above the Law, ABA Journal, WSJ OneSpot readers).

P.S. Lawrence Powell at RiskProf finds irony in the courtroom loss that followed the group’s real estate foulup: “AAJ was unable to collect [from its lender, Wachovia] the $120 million it sought in the lawsuit.” It’s always that way, the cobbler’s children going barefoot.


  • Man, the tears are streaming down my cheeks.

    maybe Obama will send these wonderful folks a stimulus check.

  • I think they should undertake a class action suit against people who have not been taken their relief under class action suits — like the suit where the lawyers took in ten million and the class members nothing — for their bringing lawyers in class action suits into disrepute.


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