Saudi lawyers demand Mohammed cartoon apology

mohammed_cartoon_bombNot for the first time, the lawyers are getting involved: “Faizal A.Z. Yamani of the Jeddah-based legal firm A.Z. Yamani sent a letter to about a dozen newspaper editors, insisting that they print apologies in Danish, English, Arabic and French, and to undertake never to print the cartoon again. He also ordered all the cartoons to be removed from the internet in perpetuity.” [MWW]


  • Knowledge of the Streisand Effect has evidently not penetrated Saudi Arabia. Too Jewish?

  • I have only 13 words for you: From my dead, cold hands I will never give up my key board.
    Satire on Islam —
    Kind Regards

  • Ordered?

    Snicker. Lotsa luck with that, slick.

  • […] ever intend to effectively carry out their threat to erase a well-known cartoon from the Internet. Saudi lawyers demand Mohammed cartoon apology. […]