September 22 roundup

  • Proposed Costco fuel settlement: $0 for class, $10M for attorneys. [CCAF]
  • Senator Specter’s latest attempt to curry favor with trial lawyers. [Ribstein; see also Corporate Counsel]
  • The Frank-Gryphon paper on the game theory of medical malpractice settlements is now posted. Comments welcome. [SSRN]
  • Heritage panel on tort reform in the states features Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour. [Summary at Point of Law]
  • Liability waivers ignored and Texas Motor Speedway on the hook for $12 million after a 12-year-old driver strikes 11-year-old in the pit area. [Fort Worth Star-Telegram; id. on pre-trial]
  • Martha Raye turning over in her grave, as trial lawyers target denture cream as next mass tort. [AP/Washington Post]

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