September 30 roundup

  • CBS declares victory as court dismisses Dan Rather suit [LA Times, Beldar, earlier]
  • Gordon Crovitz on new Harvey Silverglate book Three Felonies a Day [WSJ]
  • Controversy continues on Long Island over D.A.’s refusal to prosecute Hofstra false-rape complainant [Greenfield, earlier]
  • Latest publicity stunt by animal-rights group is to sue KFC demanding labeling of chicken as cancer-causing under California’s Proposition 65 [San Francisco Chronicle; more on soi-disant Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine]
  • “Hertz Sues Firm That Said It Might Go Bankrupt” [Business Insider, Corporate Counsel]
  • “What would Orwell make of a nation in which mothers are investigated for looking after each other’s children?” [Jackie Kemp, Guardian via Skenazy; earlier]
  • Power behind the throne? “New Cohen Milstein Practice Group to Help State AGs Sue & Litigate” [ABA Journal]
  • London restaurant stops asking customers to sign disclaimers if they want to order hamburgers rare or medium-rare [five years ago on Overlawyered]


  • Geeze Louise, you mean somebody actually found a NEW way to abuse Prop 65?

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