Unfit mother — for not speaking English?

“One of DHS’s apparent fears is that an infant isn’t safe in a home where the mother can articulate a 911 call solely in a language spoken only by some 50,000 Oaxacan Indians.” The Pascagoula, Miss. child protection authorities deny that Cirila Baltazar Cruz’s inability to speak English or Spanish played a major role in the decision to take her baby away from her. [Time magazine via Stossel]


  • Well, gee, that makes sense. I guess since I now live in Switzerland and only speak a little German that the Swiss gov’t should come take away my children. And to make matters more complicated, unlike in the US where 911 will get you all emergency services, I need to know 3 or 4 numbers and determine what type of emergency it is before calling one of them.

    Clearly, I’m unfit.

  • 5 words:

    Pierce v. Society of Sisters.

  • There’s another way of addressing this problem: don’t let them into the country in the first place.

  • Who? DHS apparatchiks?