• This is really not that new. I grew up near Hershey PA. Hershey had used his money to build and operate a home for poor or orphaned boys. To give these children a sense of normalcy, Hershey set up farms and an excellent school. Each farm had a house that housed I believe 12 Children and a resident married couple to act as parents. The kids all had farm chores, as these were working farms. In the 1970’s the Department of Labor arrived and informed the Trust that oversaw Milton Hershey’s vision,that they had to pay the prevailing minimum wage to the kids since the farms sold their products. Even for a wealthy trust this was impossible. The only solution was to shut down the farms and move to a more traditional model. Sad very sad.

  • Liberalism destroys everthing it touches.

  • Gosh. Mark Cuban has to pay minimum wage for work that will result in increased media for his empire. How undignified.


  • Are non-profits exempt from this? It looks to me that this pretty much rules out any type of volunteer work.

  • This regulation seems to run counter to basic contract law. Even still, I have to wonder how one defines “paid.” Does it mean, remuneration with bills or coin issued by the US Treasury, or an instrument which conveys such value, such as a check? I hate to stretch hypotheticals but what about other kinds of consideration – such as experience, which although is difficult to quantify (and difficult to tax) still has instrumental value – much like currency?

  • Come on, minimum wage. That’s too much to ask?

  • Minimum wage – You mean the lowest possible income allowed by law? I would probably use that as a disqualifying attribute when making a hiring decision. How about the more nebulous “living wage?”

  • Why are the employees considered unable to contract for less than minimum wage? This is an issue of personal freedom; if I want to work for an unpaid internship, then it should be none of the government’s business. Honestly, I think we need to go back to Lochner and invalidate all of these nanny state laws.

  • So, it’s okay to be an unpaid intern (a/k/a “volunteer”) if it’s for the federal government, vis-Ć -vis http://www.serve.gov/.

    Just wondering.

  • Doesn’t the Federal government use interns all the time? Are those paid of unpaid positions? I’m thinking of the interns for Senators and Congressmen. Along with those in the White House.

  • Those wondering about interns working for the government…
    The law basically says the work performed must be of zero or negative value. Since a large amount of what the government does is certainly of no value or even of negative value, they shouldn’t have to pay šŸ™‚

  • Robin,

    Good point. However the government never pays anyways. Everyone else does. šŸ™‚

  • The feds are exempt from most privisions of FSLA.