WordPress upgrade

I’ve upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress in response to reports of a serious attack on older versions (if you’re running any version earlier than the new 2.8.4, go read about it immediately).

Every time I upgrade, there are user problems for a while, which for readers with some browsers take the form of a front page frozen in time at the last post just before upgrade (in this case, “NYC: tobacco shops can’t give away coffee“). I’ve tried to avert this problem with more careful attention to the cache file, but if you notice this problem (or any other) with the site, please email me at editor – at – thisdomainname – dot- com.


  • I wondered what was happening. I just figured it would work itself out in a day or so. Looks good now.

  • I thought you might be taking a few days off over the long weekend, Walter. I had the NY coffee post for a couple of days but can see everything fine now. I use IE8 on all the computers I use (personal, office, etc.).