A new mass tort, at the cash register?

Concern is raised over bisphenol-A (BPA) in printed cash register receipts [Gordon Gibb, Lawsuits and Settlements] Adds reader Rogers Turner: “Brilliant…what does almost every single person in the U.S. touch multiple times a day?”


  • Bis-phenol A is a low-toxicity, noncarcenogenic chemical that enviroweenies have spent nearly eighty years trying to prove is bad. The chemical is two phenol molecules stuck together. We’ve been using phenol compounds for disinfection and for tissue preservation for over a century. Phenols, like many chemicals, are harmful if you drink them, splash them in your eyes, inhale their vapors within a closed space, or take a bath in them. But, outside of chemical manufacturing plants, phenols usually are diluted a lot or are present in only trace amounts (such as cash register printouts). I suppose if you licked a few hundred feet of freshly printed register paper you might get sick, but that would probably be from the ink itself.

  • I think the robo plea to call a lawyer for your (place issue here) lawsuit at the bottom of the article speaks volumes about the intent of the article.