“Defamation of the legal profession”

Following the filing of a defamation action in the Indian courts, Bollywood* producers agreed to apologize and remove scenes from a Tamil-language movie that the lawyer-plaintiffs had decried as “opprobrious visual artistic work designed against lawyers and the legal profession” [Times of India and IndiaGlitz via Stephanie West Allen, Idealawg and Robert Ambrogi, LegalBlog Watch; “Sivakasi“]

* Or in this case more accurately “Kollywood” — see comments.

One Comment

  • Not to be pedantic, but “Bollywood” refers to the Bombay-centered, Hindi-language motion picture industry.

    The film in the article is a product of the Chennai-centered, Tamil-language motion picture industry, sometimes called “Kollywood.” It’s located clear across the sub-continent.

    Actually, that was pedantic.