• Well, I know for sure that there are other riding mowers that let you mow in reverse….

    Though, what sort of idiot mows in reverse, it’s completely unnecessary if you are mowing a yard big enough to require a riding mower.

  • “As the legal process goes forward, children will continue to be maimed and killed by riding lawn mowers — 250 to 300 of them every year —”

    Great quote from the plaintiff’s attorney.

    Those killer Deere’s must be stopped. Law enforcement authorities are just not doing enough to reign in this awful threat, a seemingly worse threat than child abuse, drug abuse involving children, children killed in house fires who are left alone, or children who die in auto crashes who are not at all secured or secured improperly.

  • I don’t know about this case, but a lot of people use riding mowers to mow lawns that easily could be mowed the old-fashioned way. Few private homes have yards large enough for a riding mower to be necessary. Reducing their use would reduce the use of fossil fuels, air pollution, and obesity along with injuries to children.

  • Perhaps Bill, there should be a licensing requirement for ownership of a riding mower? Make people prove they have a need?

    I want to be the person to decide!!! I’d have so much fun!!!!

  • I mow about 5 acres of my hilly and wooded 8-1/2. And there are plenty of spots the tractor (small but real tractor) is backed into with the mower deck running, and I want it that way. And I know lots of other idiots who do the same thing when mowing.

  • Invid,

    Of course, I didn’t suggest that, did I? I just said it would be better if use of riding mowers declined.

  • My riding mower quit working today. Who can I sue?

  • Uhhh Bill. Riding mowers are safer than push mowers and actually put out less pollutants. The majority of riding mowers are 4 cycle engines, which means that you don’t mix oil with your gasoline. Riding mowers also have a wider cutting path that reduces the time that the mower is in operation when compared to a push mower.

  • That’s right Jim. People buy riding tractors because it takes less time to mow than with a push mower. That has to count.

  • Back in the 60’s my son crawled into our food closet and opened a gin bottle. Knowing that alcohol can be deadly, I check his breath to be sure that he just spilled the gin and did not imbibe it. I was lucky, Mr. Norton wasn’t. My daughter came close to serious accidents twice, but again my luck was good. Being a good parent has a substantial element of look. Lou Costello lost a child in a swimming pool accident, Art Linkletter lost a child to drugs, and Senator McGovern lost a daughter to alcoholism. Just this year about 90 children were lost to H1N1.

    Mr. Norton’s lawyer is discusting. Praises to to the right acting jury. Best wishes for the Norton family.

  • As tragic as this is, John Deere is not to blame. Do not back over your children with riding lawn mowers. Yes, there are times when you need to mow in reverse, but most people look behind them when the back up while operating a vehicle.

  • “but most people look behind them when the back up while operating a vehicle.”

    Well, that explains the condition of tailgate on my truck.

  • “but most people look behind them when the back up while operating a vehicle.”

    That reminds me of the line in the movie “True Grit”, when Rooster Cogburn testifies, during a trial, that “I generally go backwards when I am backing up.”