• An opinion that will live forever as a testament to the exhibitionistic stupidity of some people.

    What was up with footnote 3, in which a male attorney who just happened to be sitting in the courtroom was called upon to testify?

  • Well given that the Plaintiff had to admit that he was too fat to see his, um, appendage, thank god he got alot of money from the court to compensate him for that embarrassment.

    Oh wait, he lost.. oh, um, nevermind.

    normally it is wrong to laugh at a man for being fat, but in this case, let’s all make an exception.

  • Btw, i am surprised everyone missed that he won the trip by selling diet products!

  • We all know that his claim is bogus due to the shrinkage factor.

  • Makes a man wanna go commando.

  • If something (especially that) hurts, you find out what is causing it and fix what is wrong. If it is in an inaccessible place, you will find a restroom immediately so you can look. At least a reasonable person would, which law is based on reasonable people.