• Did the health plan also not include erectile-dysfunction and fertility treatment for unmarried employees, in accordance with Catholic doctrine?

  • Let’s see if I understand the facts: The March 12, 2009 letter from the EEOC office for North Carolina said that the policy was legal, but, the July 30, 2009 letter from the same EEOC office said that it is not. This is another example of why we need expanded federal powers over more areas of our lives.

  • Don’t worry, the czars will straighten it all out.

  • I thought the Weekly Standard article was misleading and agenda filled. The Belmont Abbey College contraception benefits situation is a small skirmish in the war over who is going to control American Catholicism: the conservatives, or the vast majority of American Catholics who favor contraception. The conservatives are happy to count the majority as being ‘Catholic’ when they’re trying to demonstrate that a majority of employees are Catholic to meet NC law, but equally happy to tell these self described liberal Catholics that if they don’t believe in xx, they should go somewhere else for church.