• problem of course is that this is not laughable enough to throw out of court. i mean bluntly the original version was infamously bad.

    Sometimes these parasites are making up nothing, and sometimes they are glomming onto something real. this case is more of the latter.

    But at the same time i don’t see the argument for a class action here. the fact is if your remote went and destroyed your TV, then you can just go to court and recover damages for it. why settle it for everyone all at once and prejudice their rights? that is the best attack of this class action device in this case.

  • Clearly Nintendo should have included much more secure ice axe leashes from the start:

  • Even if they win, it’ll be Wii-versed on appeal.

  • Jeff

    i heard jury will be asked to say “Wii the jury find the defendant [liable/not liable]”

  • The plaintiffs are correct. I have the video to prove it.

  • Tip: if you don’t let go of the controller when using it, it can’t fly out of your hand and break your TV.

  • ECM

    Well, to be fair to people who have broken their TV’s its hard to both swing it and press buttons at the same time without losing your grip. I’m not saying nintendo should pay, but I am not so condemnatory on those who ruin their TVs.

  • A.W.

    If you’re swinging the remote hard enough to put it through your TV you’re swinging too damn hard – period. There is no game on the market for the Wii that requires much more than a simple flick of the wrist. And it’s really not that hard to swing and press a button – I’ve been doing it successfully, without wearing the strap, since release.

  • AW:

    The reason it’s so hard to hold onto is because people swing it like they’re trying to beat off a zombie attack with the Wii controller serving as improvised machete–if people would back off the NoDoze and Red Bull, more TVs might come out of this with their brains intact.

    And I’ll echo JP: I’ve known elderly people that can play the bloody thing without throwing/dropping/breaking things with it and with great success and they’re certainly not trying to win the Cy Young award while they do it.