Brooklyn: “Disbarred Attorney Pleads Guilty to Guardian Account Thefts”

“A former Brooklyn, N.Y., lawyer has pleaded guilty to fleecing millions of dollars from guardianship accounts he oversaw for incapacitated seniors and children. … at least 16 court examiners who oversaw Rondos [Steven T. Rondos] had signed off on his reports without detecting any red flags.” [NYLJ]


  • Rondos should get closer to the 18 years then to the six when sentenced.

    I am not surprised that the do-nothing court examiners did not detect any wrongdoing, although most likely starring them in the face. My experience is that court examiners merely act as an expense on the trust or guardianship estate and do not do any examining of the yearly accountings; they merely approve the accounting and take their fee. The disabled who do not have family to oversee this area of potential theft often have their estates looted.

  • I thought the purpose of the court examiners was simply to burden everyone and remind us who is in charge.

  • They are not reporting the whole story. The numbers are a lot less and he is owed over $1million in fees. Some of the fees are more than 5 years in waiting. Also, many times the court approved fees taken in advance. The Judges take years to sign off on fees. And the DA lies about the facts for the press. People should know better than to believe the DA and the press.