Buys house near SFO, sues many parties over jet noise

California: “Stanley Hilton, 60, of Hillsborough, said in unique court papers that his wife of 13 years divorced him and took their young triplets with her last year because of ‘around-the-clock’ jet noise at SFO. …Hilton last week sued (PDF) SFO, Hillsborough, the counties of San Mateo and San Francisco, dozens of airlines and jet manufacturers, and the real estate agents and couple that sold him his home on Darrell Road for $1.475 million in April 2003.” Hilton, who is representing himself pro se, “is a former civil litigation attorney with a law degree from Duke University and was an active member of the State Bar of California for most of the past three decades, records show. However, the Bar said courts deemed Hilton ineligible to practice law in August.” [San Mateo County Times, SF Chronicle “The Scavenger”, Lowering the Bar.]


  • As Abraham Lincoln said: “A lawyer who represents himself . . .”

  • Who would think that an airport would make noise?

    During the 1950s when Long Island was growing as a bedroom community, people would buy houses next to duck farms and then sue the duck farms out of existence, because ducks produce, well, duck shit. Who’da thunk it?


  • Fill in the blank of wfjag.
    … has a sure fire wining case.
    … is sure to get his wife and triplets back.

  • …can’t find anyone to agree to work his case because it sucks so bad.

    Either this guy has waaaayyyy too much time on his hands and needs a new hobby OR he has an end-game in mind of some sort.

  • I find it hard to believe that the jets caused more noise round the clock than did the triplets…

  • The “end-game” is that his house is not worth what he paid for it, and he cant sell it.

  • Something similar happened in my town. A couple bought a house right across a narrow street from a Little League field that had parking lots, dugouts, lights, etc.

    They then sued the city to have the games stopped because the lights bothered them and the kids made noise while playing the game.

  • This is not Hilton’s first dubious lawsuit. According to Wikipedia :
    Hilton filed a $7 billion class action lawsuit, in 2002, against United States President George W. Bush, members of his administration (including Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld) and others. The lawsuit supposedly had 400 plaintiffs including 14 families of 9/11 victims [1], with only two named plaintiffs. [2][3] The lawsuit alleged Bush administration complicity in allowing the September 11, 2001 attacks. The case was dismissed on Dec. 30, 2004, with the judge ruling that US citizens do not have any right to sue a sitting President, based on the Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity; that the lawsuit “presents a non-justicable political question;” that the plaintiffs “lack standing to sue on behalf of all taxpayers;” that the plaintiffs “failed to establish the required causal connection between [their] alleged injuries and these defendants’ conduct;” and that “deficiencies of the complaint could not be cured by amendment.”

  • What on earth does it mean to be “deemed ineligible to practice law”? Is that a euphemism for “disbarred”?

  • “What on earth does it mean to be “deemed ineligible to practice law”? Is that a euphemism for “disbarred”?”

    IIRC courts can deem you ineligible to practice but only the bar association can disbar you.