“Disgraced ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer to lecture at ethics center”

Life imitates The Onion: the madam in the Client Nine scandal is questioning the propriety of the invitation from Prof. Lawrence Lessig’s Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard. [NY Daily News] Spitzer, for those who’ve already forgotten, curried political favor with anti-libertarian feminist and legal services groups by helping lead a crusade to lengthen sentences for “johns”, then deftly dodged the harsh penalties that his own law has inflicted on many offenders less well connected than himself. Lately, by way of rehabilitating his image, he’s taken to the columns of publications like Slate to lecture the rest of us about things like respect for the rule of law. More: Above the Law, Greenfield (& welcome Chequer-Board readers).


  • now see i could imagine a very good lecture being given by him or jayson blair on journalism ethics, using their stories as a cautionary tale. i mean when i begin my training, i start with some horror stories to get people’s attention.

    the problem is that you know they won’t be getting that.

    and no, i was not joking about blair. they have him keynoting, if memory serves, some kind of journalistic ethics thing. next i suppose David Duke will teach a class on diversity. oh wait, maybe i shouldn’t say that. it might give them ideas.

  • btw, as a point of order, is it possible to say a man is disgraced if he doesn’t actually feel shame? just curious.

  • Disgraced? That would require certain emotional components – those which are absent in no one…save sociopaths.

  • It is my understanding that Spitzer had the greatest culpability of all in the economic woes that hit the world recently. Hank Greenberg understood AIG and the London operations, his successor didn’t. Spitzer went after Greenberg to enhance his reputation. Fairness and ethics were not considered. The man is a creep.

    On the other hand, Mr. Spitzer’s involvement with a consenting adult is nobody’s business.

  • Well, I don’t think it should be. But we will all agree, I’m sure, that it’s the two-faced attitude that galls.


  • William

    > On the other hand, Mr. Spitzer’s involvement with a consenting adult is nobody’s business.

    Sure. who cares if a criminal has blackmail material on the governor or a state? what could go wrong?

    And that is forgetting the moral angle here. no, it is our business.

  • For A.W.

    There is a matter of forests and trees. Going after people just to have scalps in your pouch was the immoral act. The side result of Spitzer’s going after Hank Greenberg was the near destruction of world finances. There was a $150 billion bailout just of AIG.

    Access to females would select for those seeking to lead. It is biologically natural for politics to be full of cheating folks. People would have interest in the sex lives of their kings as contested inheritance of the crown can be bloody awful.