November 24 roundup

  • “California’s Largest Cities and Counties Spent More Than $500 Million in Litigation Costs in Two Years” [CACALA]
  • Violence Policy Center blames handgun carry permits for offenses that include … strangulation? [Sullum]
  • New allegations in New York school district lawyers pension scandal [Newsday]
  • Plush doll twade dwess dispute made Tonstant Weader fwow up [Schwimmer]
  • “School Hit With a Lawsuit over Dodgeball Game Injury” [FindLaw “Injured”, Bronx]
  • Too bad judges are so reluctant to sanction lawyers for filing papers that contain false assertions [Coleman]
  • Hundreds of asylum clients could be deported after law firm founders are convicted of fraud [ABA Journal]
  • Congratulations to superlative juryblogger Anne Reed, picked to run Wisconsin Humane Society [Deliberations; also Turkewitz]


  • Walter, thanks for these kind words. I’m so honored and excited to be entering this new life with such a great organization. One thing I’ll miss, though, is all the visits my blog got every time I was lucky enough to appear in Point Of Law Forum or Overlawyered. You have so many readers because you speak eloquently for those who agree with you, and respectfully and interestingly to those who do not — while raising enough questions to keep everyone’s thinking fresh and vital. We are all grateful for the example you set, and I look forward to staying in touch.

  • Around the web, November 30…

    Dangers work both ways? Third-party litigation finance proposed for the defense side [Longstreth, American Lawyer] New U.K. reforms: “Barristers will be free to set up in partnership with solicitors or with each other” [Times Online] R.I.P. Edward S…