Chuck Yeager publicity rights suits, cont’d

The famed test pilot and sound-barrier-breaker continues to obtain courtroom traction for some debatable legal theories: “U.S. District Judge Frank C. Damrell dashed AT&T’s hopes of avoiding a trial in a decision that inexplicably grants a historic achievement the same legal protection as an artistic work or a consumer product.” [Matthew Heller, On Point News; earlier here and here]


  • Sounds like Mr. Yeager is looking for a creative way to control the rights to the use of his image/likeness for either later sale or as a means of protecting his public image (which of course the best way to do this is just not screw around; just ask Tiger).
    However, his notariety is largely gained from his work as a public employee in the armed forces, the bulk of his “historic achievement” is itself in the public domain, since it is no longer classified.

  • Chuck Yeager now joins junket “scientist” John Glenn in my pantheon of unappreciative, ego-maniacal ex-heroes.