• So how much did Plaintiff’s futile legal exercise cost the gas company?The catereer who helped with the phony invoice had a very apropros name, Mr. Swindle!

  • Wow. What a moron. He throws a 40-year career away for 1300.00, then has the gall to sue for age discrimination and emotional distress after openly admitting his criminal activities.

    I can only dream of that kind of job stability. The stupidest thing is the company probably would have fronted at least some of the party if he had just asked.

  • No the stupidest thing is companies shying away from employee parties because of being held liable if one of the employees gets drunk and has an accident. It is because “personal responsibility” has taken a back seat to “who can we sue and how much can we get”.

  • I think I’m going to have to concede your point, Jim.