• Colleges are the bastion of unfree thought and mind control. If they don’t like what’s on your mind you will feel the sting of a liberal scorned.
    What is so surprising then that the thought police banish an individual’s right to think about suicide.

  • okay, am i missing something here. if they are responsible for the suicide that occurs when they are on campus, how about the one that occurs because… they were thrown out of college?

    but i think the author of this post would agree that the really pernicious part is that universities are responsible for babysitting these students at all. that are (mostly) adults, and they are responsible for themselves. of course it is sad when they kill themselves, but not every tragedy is a lawsuit.

  • I would double check this story. Some schools have policies that authorize the school authorities to require the student to take a leave of absence for treatment. This seems sensible and cosistent with the students best interests. I do agree that expulsion seems like pouring gasoline on the fire, and invites litigation.