• Its just as likely that she had a guilty conscious. She voluntarily went on the show, maybe she thought she could beat the questioning. It takes a shrink to think this way, lets see what he thinks after deposition.

  • Hopefully Harold J. Bursztajn will do a better job representing the plaintiffs than his famed colleague Professor Charles Nesson did representing Joel Tennenbaum.

  • I am still waiting for the despicable Nancy Grace to apoloigize for her endless slandering of the innocent Duke Lacrosse boys.

    She is arrogant and evil. I hope that the vile third rate propagandist network she works for lose a fortune.

  • We first discussed this case in November 2006.

  • Thanks, Ted, I’ve added the link in the post.

  • Nancy Grace is a hideous wench, and an embarrassment to the legal profession. My remote never works fast enough to get off her show when I’m surfing through the “news” channels.

  • I agree with Doug. If she committed suicide it sure wasn’t because Nancy asked her questions! Guilty? I would like to ask Nancy to get off talking about Tiger Woods however. She is supposed to be getting crimes out so people can hopefully help them get solved. Quit being a marriage counselor. Actually who cares about that???

  • Nancy Grace runs everything into the ground…..over and over and over.
    It is the same old stuff everynight, between her and her ‘staff’ it is an
    ‘overkill of every story’. Can’t she do a show on “her own” without her producers nightly involvement…..or the running of video’s over and over? What a joke.