• so is anyone else supremely unsurprised? what did they expect? after all they had been lending out lethal toys for years,the death toll must be in the millions..[sarcasm switch stuck on high,sorry]

  • I regularly read many different news sources on the web. Why is it that Overlawyered is the ONLY place that I ever see CPSIA even mentioned at all?

  • For John Rohan,

    CPSIA is a carefully crafted rule to force testing for lead and phthalates. One would presume that the Congress would have documented the risks through hearings, and that complaints would be by those putting profit above the health of our children.

    Being a rule doesn’t make it right. The testimony of harm was insane prattle. Mr. Olson understands the harm of the legislation, that news people do not is a shame on them.

    Twentieth Century Physics established that atoms have a small nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons. The energy levels of the electrons change according to quanta of energy. The theory was a great achievement of the human mind. The radiation used by cell phones uses wave lengths many orders of magnitude beyond ionizing wave lengths. Yet our media will put on stories about cell phones and cancer. It’s ridiculous.

  • Google “Rick Woldenberg” if you think that Overlawyered is the only site talking about CPSIA.

  • John, I’ve got a complaint with it, and I’m not for putting profits ahead of safety. Safety is very important to me and my fiance, but we also believe in a parent’s right to decide risks. Why should small stateside businesses, like my clothing business and Amish toymakers, have to pay the price? If a parent is willing to take the risk on our untested products knowing that the chance of lead is extremely tiny, why should that parent be denied the option? Right now the option is becoming to by Chinese products. Considering China has repeatedly flouted preexisting laws, this is more dangerous than the rsks taken buying from small businesses.

    Also, based on what I’ve found, I’m led to believe that the Denver Toy Library is no longer in operation.