• I think he needs to challenge it again and hope for a male judge instead of a “judgette”

  • And when the married dad in an intact family looses his job, the judge will, you know, order him to get a job to keep his kids living in the style to which they have been accustomed; it is after all ‘for the children’.

  • To answer the general question, “of course not.” In this specific incident, if one reads through the comments it looks as if the original story may not bear any resemblance to what really happened. “Dad” in this instance had a change in job status, but was still banking six-figures a year into his account.

    Too many shennigans take place in Family Court. However, don’t use a possible bad case to grandstand.

    Women get ripped off, too.

  • However, don’t use a possible bad case to grandstand.

    To be clear..that was offered generally, not pointed to Mr. Olson, nor the other commenters here.

  • When Dad loses his job … Should his child support payment remain unchanged?

    Just asking that question shows that we live in a socialist/feminist country.

  • If dad’s income goes down, child support should be reduced. I often explain it to my clients (who are now going to receive less child support) like this:

    If you were still married, and one of you loses your job, you have to make adjustments. Same thing happens when you are divorced and one of you loses your job. The custodial parent can go in and request more child support if s/he loses his/her job, or the noncustodial parent can go in and request a reduction if s/he loses his/her job.

    The parties created the divorce in the first place and created the situation where they now have to support two households rather than just one. Just because one of the parents didn’t get custody doesn’t mean he/she should have to live under a bridge and send all their money to the custodial parent for child support.