Dead hand of past litigation

“If you thought elected officials in your state were running the budget show, you might be in for a surprise.” Consent decrees negotiated years ago prevent states from cutting many agency budgets even in the face of the worst revenue downturn in living memory. Lots of examples too [“Marla Singer”, Zero Hedge via Coyote]


  • We here in Chicago are operating under several that are decades old now . . . .

  • Wasn’t there a similar type of case down in Miami, when a certain Janet Reno was either the DA or an ADA, in which one of the accused was a policeman….who is still in jail today? (I think the case was a little unusual in that the original defendants were charged–I don’t remember if they were found guilty or not–but after that, the DA’s office went after one of the policeman involved in investigating the case, got him thrown in jail, and even after appeals he’s still in jail…?)