• Cold air is bad air? I would think that cold air would represent fresh, moving air coming into the bay, not stagnant, polluted air.

    I don’t know anything about San Francisco weather, but that strikes me as odd.

  • “We know a lot of people like to burn on this holiday, but it’s our duty to protect public health,” said Ralph Borrmann, the spokesman.

    This is a portent of things to come if the global warming zealots are not stopped. Environmentalism will become the state religion and every aspect of our existence will be controlled.

  • Oh…I’m reading up on it. It looks like the air on cold days is stagnant and full of particulates.

    But it still seems a bit odd. The air level standards for particulates have been adjusted down recently…

  • I’m with the Fireplace Patrol folks on this one.

    If they granted an exception to the law simply because some people liked to observe their celebration of the birth of an alleged messiah, I would be deeply offended.

    The Government already gives Chr-stians all sorts of special rights and privileges. For example, there’s free Chr-stmas tree disposal. I have to pay out of my own pocket to clean up after Sukkot or Purim….in a country that’s supposed to have freedom of religion.

    Many of these folks seem to think that they should get a break because “it’s Chr-stmas”. That disgusts me.

  • Burning a Christmas tree has nothing really to do with this law. After all, who will think of your children, if not the state?

  • Reuven

    great parody!

    … uh, right?

  • This is reminding me of the “CO2 is a dangerous pollutant” line we are hearing from such as the EPA and global warming/climate change/etc. types (as well as the secon-hand-smoke line from anti-smoking types); it doesn’t pass the “smell test” but it rates high on the B.S. meter.

  • This just in:

    Headline: No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds


  • Meanwhile…back in Colorado…they’re smokin’ like chimneys…for “medical purposes” of course…;-)…what’s that about?!

    Who would ever have imagined that Monty Python as a “reality show?”

  • So show me a death cert with “wood smoke” listed as the PCD, doc. Otherwise, stuff your regs.

  • I had to have my cat put down on a spare the air day back in December. He had to sit in a freezer until the spare the air restrictions were lifted because they couldn’t fire up the crematory. Small price to pay though. Unlike AGW, the air quality problems on that particular spare the air day were tangible, indeed visible. My commute takes me up a 1,500′ climb from the valley. At about 1,000′ above the valley elevation I encountered the inversion layer as evidenced by a steep drop in the in-dash thermometer. They aren’t mining data and depending on one single tree to demonstrate the need here.

    One exemption I would like to see explored though is an exemption for people who upgrade to modern EPA approved stoves and inserts. Kind of like the free bridge toll and HOV exemption to encourage people to buy prius’ before they were cool.

    Until then, tune the TV to the Yule Log channel and enjoy watching for that split second moment when the hand comes in to turn the log.