Infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal sues to protect his image

“[A]pparently determined to control his image even from his Paris prison cell, he has brought suit against a French production company shooting a documentary film on his life and legend, demanding a say on the final cut.” [Edward Cody, Washington Post].

While we’re at it: “Mirandizing the Christmas Day Bomber — Why?” [Paul Cassell, Volokh on this Bill Otis post, versus many critical commenters]


  • I have long said that I have a patriotic duty to defame osama bin laden. then he comes to the US and sues us, and is arrested. even if i end up being sued for millions of dollars, its worth it, right?

    So let me kick this off. Osama bin Laden is the result of the unnatural pairing between his father and his father’s camel.

    Go ahead, osama, sue me. bring it on.

  • That was hysterical A.W. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Bill

    Sadly, he has not sued me yet. i think i made a serious miscalculation. you see, truth is a defense, so…

    Okay let me try this one. Osama bin Laden is secretly having a gay love affair with a jewish man!

    There, that should get him after me!

  • A.W., you don’t think he’s going to come after you himself, do you? He’ll send a lawyer.

  • Be sure to check the lawyer’s underwear.