• She sounds and looks like she completely understands how ridiculous this law is. She even seems like she could be an ally of its opposition. But, I’ve also worked with enough regulatory bureaucrats to know she might also just be posturing for the cameras and really be nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • “,,,Mattel and Hasbro are fine with the law that is wiping out many of their smaller competitors. …”

    Wasn’t that the real purpose of CPSIA?

  • Todd, if you read Commissioner Northup’s blog, you will see that she is truly a defender of small business!

  • better yet, her comments on today’s CPSC report to Congress


  • The question should not be the protection of some small businesses and crafts, even though the people engaged in those acrivities are sweet as can be. If a small grocer sells spoiled meat, then that small grocer should be shut down, as should a similar large business.

    The problem with CPSIA is that it is based on a non-scientific, can we say crazy, concept, or lack thereof, of risk. Senator Klobuchar, bless her, is an idiot! At one time she had the power to prosecute people. God have mercy on us.