K&L Gates blasted for high fees, “unnecessary lawyering”

Massachusetts’s highest court thought it a bit much that fees and costs would eat up $800,000 from an estate valued at $1.2 million, or two-thirds of the value at stake. [Robert Ambrogi, Legal Blog Watch; Above the Law]

Incidentally, Robert Ambrogi is hanging up his keyboard after an impressive four-year tenure at Law.com’s Legal Blog Watch, but he’ll continue to maintain his other sites. He has kind words for this site as one to “follow religiously”, too.


  • Did someone at the firm read Bleak House?

  • I just took over a piece of litigation (with one of my colleagues) from two big law firms. I was astounded at the amount of fees they billed in the initial phases of this litigation. It is a big case, but they were using way too many people and the amounts the client paid was just ridiculous! Lawyering like this is just unnecessary, and occurs all the time at big firms. Luckily, some businesses are starting to understand that small firms with great lawyers can do just as good a job at much lower fees. We don’t put a dozen associates on researching every arcane point of law, we just do the quality work that needs to be done!