“Lawyer: Man who slipped on cruise ship deserves every penny of $9.5 million”

“I strongly disagree that this case is a classic example of the legal system run amok; in truth, it is a classic example of justice being served,” said David Brill, Florida-based attorney for plaintiff Danny Simpson, a fitness instructor on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Crown who slipped on a wet floor area. [Gene Sloan, USA Today “Cruise Log” blog]


  • “Danny Simpson, a British man ”

    “Brill says Simpson and his wife already have borrowed about $120,000 to pay the bills while he has undergone medical care, and he will require over $380,000 in future medical treatments. He’ll also need over $100,000 to pay the bills over the next two years while he recovers from spinal surgery…”

    But I thought that Britain was the mecca of socialized medicine and if so Mr. Simpson’s medical care should be free. At least that’s what Paul Krugman would have us believe.

  • I am strongly considering that for the new year I can going to hit myself on the head with a sledge hammer and have my lawyer sue the manufacturer.


  • I think I will call myself some slutty names and sue myself for slander. Truth is, lawsuits are running amuk, and there is no one at the wheel.

  • I tripped and fell in my own home on New Year’s Eve morning. Almost, but not quite, hitting my head on a bookcase. I may well have cracked my kneecap but as there’s no treatment for that, I decided not to go to the emergency room and waste resources (x-rays, provider time, etc). Several days later, it’s getting better with rest and pain relievers and pulling my pants leg up before I sit down (the worst pain was the pressure of the taut cloth on the knee).

    So who do I sue for pain and suffering?

  • Bob, I hope you knock a hole in your brain and become paralyzed for the rest of your shortened lifetime so you can think about your ah so funny joke.

    Madalyn, you are a slut, we all know that, so you have no case. And please don’t touch my wheel.

    Kimsch, you are a drunk, you should not sue anyone.

    This is the greatest assembly of overlawyered losers I have seen.

  • If I do, Abraham, my family won’t hire a lawyer to collect just under $3.3 million in contingency fees.