“Microsoft Sued Over Xbox Live Points”

“One major problem with Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft’s downloadable game service, is that you must deal in ‘Microsoft Points,’ and they come in increments that usually cost more than the price of a game alone. A lawyer has now filed a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft for this practice.” [PC World] Update: not quite as reported?


  • Next: the lawsuit against hot-dog bun manufacturers.

  • “Points” are some sort of problem, but it’s okay to pay out class action suits in coupons … one the same sort of defective merchandise that is the subject of the lawsuit in the first place. Except the lawyers involved, they can’t be paid in worthless coupons, they get cash, of course.

    Where can we line up the beatings?

  • What they need to do is settle, but admit no wrong doing. Then pay out in fewer points than what is needed to buy something. They can generate sales that way, but pay the attorneys in points too.

  • I use Xbox Live every single day and I always get excited when I realize I have some extra points! This is a very silly lawsuit.

  • […] The actual content of the complaint isn’t quite as reported, per Siouxsie Law (earlier). […]