“Mother sues party mates of dead teen”

A late-night binge drinking outing by some high school friends in Norfolk, Mass. ends badly. The mother says her late daughter “is absolutely 100 percent responsible” for what happened to her but is still is suing seven (7) teenagers and adults for their roles. [Boston Globe]


  • “Taylor is absolutely 100 percent responsible.” If this suit should find its way in to a courtroom I can pretty much guarantee that this quote will be used quite prominently by the defense. At least the article didn’t mention anyone saying it’s not about the money – at least not explicitly.

  • Th poor woman needs closure and nothing will provide that like a multi-million dollar check.


  • Motioning to a large photograph of her daughter resting on an easel, she said, “It’s worth losing her if someone else chooses’’ not to drink.

    What the Hell? I’m going to assume that was poorly worded.

    It sounds like she’s trying to use the court system to teach the rest of them a lesson. Can’t she just support one of many organizations that exist to prevent alcohol abuse? Volunteer with a local chapter of SADD or something.