Report: after lawyering up, UndieBomber zipped his mouth

“‘He was singing like a canary, then we charged him in civilian proceedings, he got a lawyer and shut up,’ [former Senator] Slade Gorton, a member of the 9/11 Commission that investigated the Sept 2001 terror attacks on the US, told The Sunday Telegraph” of 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, charged in the Christmas Day attempted bombing of an airliner over Detroit.


  • Well that sure is strange. Someone tells the guy that he needn’t respond to a single question and mysteriously he grows quite fond of at least one of our civil customs. “These Americans, the infidels that they are, seem to have a pretty good thing going.” <– captured terrorist musings.

  • The authorities have some leverage on the accused in sentencing. There was a report, if I heard it right, that the FBI was satisfied with its debriefing of the suspect.

    Every non-nit lawyer knows that clamming up is essential if there is any possible problem with the evidence. In this case the suspect was wearing explosive underwear and had set himself on fire. We have to worry more about a possible OJ jury.

    Let’s wait for facts before taking umbrage from Senator Gorton’s projection.

  • They don’t have to worry about the evidence, see…

    In order to have a jury of his peers, they will have to find 12+ terrorists who were too inept to correctly light their shorts on fire. This will never happen, therefore, there can never be a fair trial. He goes free to try for those virgins again.

  • Todd

    more like, he sits back and mocks our decadent culture that we would grant him this right.

    Btw, i think undiebomber is a crappy term. i prefer The Knickerbomber or The Neuterbomber.