Richard Blumenthal: guns, tobacco, and grandstanding AGs

I was a guest this morning on Ray Dunaway’s show on WTIC 1080 (Hartford) to discuss Democrat Richard Blumenthal’s bid to replace Chris Dodd in the U.S. Senate. I’ve been covering the Connecticut attorney general’s legal record for years here at Overlawyered as well as at my other site, Point of Law. For details on his bullying, legally ill-founded ventures into litigation against gun makers and dealers, check here, here, here, here, etc., while for the aromatic tobacco-fee angles, you can start here and here. For the time he sued his own state client, see this 2002 post (& welcome Instapundit, New York Post readers).


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  • Sounds like the perfect match for Dodd. But does the Democratic party have another statist to run for AG?

  • Blumenthal is a Spitzer wannabee and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

    He may be a stronger candidate this year than Dodd would have been but his election is far from assured.

  • Back in 2007, Blumenthal supported allowing illegal aliens to take college educations away from U.S. citizens (admittedly not adequately explained at the link, so for the explanation see

  • I see the Connecticut GOP is on his case as well (h/t P.L.).

  • BLUMENTHAL said on the radio yesterday that he would go to the senate and continue his fight against scams and special interests.

    If that is the case, I only wish he had run against Dodd six years ago…

  • YOU DON’T EVEN SCRATCH THE SURFACE on his RECKLESS EXCESSES . . . as Everyone in CT has heard some form of a joke about AG Blumenthal and his ridiculous frivolous lawsuits and legal actions. Heres the problem . . . . The joke has always been on the people of CT who supported / or looked the other way let slide these actions and have now paid with there hard earned $$ into a state income tax to back this, while looking the other way have allowed CT to become the # 1 state in budget/deficit / PER every person (man women child resident). $4900-1. Utterly AMAZING considering we are also the richest, higher than California and Taxachusetts!.

    We the CT People are also attached to the well documented: a Voted worst Attorney General # 50 by the American Enterprise Institute. The poster boy on most/all over-lawyered web sites.

    The attorney general of CT as with most states comes with an inherent lack of or zero oversightbut (politics have changed in 19 years especially with this economy) now with a Senate office run, these facts will come out in flying colors and show how this man is the worst possible choice in this economy and for CT. The Hartford Courant dering this time frame as with most publications would not ruffle even one feather in the AG office. They should be ashamed!

    Legal actions against Facebook, Poker Games, wrong parties (just to name a few). . and this DOOZIE a $7000 refund dispute that in turn had AG Blumenthal take a $800,000 home from a CT resident “SPouse” not the defendant that resulted in the forced resignation of an assistant AG and now him and his office seeking immunity from the matter with potential looming prosecution?!?


    Our AG was lambasted and made a fool of by a simple Glenn Beck constitutional interview in March 2009 that made him hide from . . . . answering to the public since then. This is how a “never before having to answer to someone handles it

    Judges have called him and his people egregious, vexatious, shocking and potentially criminal-oh and even issuing recent arrest warrants and how does it feel CT? . . . in losing $24.5 (already paid off) to an eminant domain suit

    Has never taken on THE #1 WHITE COLLAR CRIME of ALL TIME in CT. . . AIG scandal (all the main players are CT residents) and General-RE (Stamford, CT Corp that cooked the books for AIG . . why? . . .

    He has sat in his silver-spoon Clocktower in Hartford and bullied away without repercussions.

    BUT PLEASE people of CT do NOT allow this to go anymore . . . our hard earned $$ needs to be dealt with responsibly.

    There will be A LOT More to come on the excesses of the CT AG Blumenthal in the next 10 months) and why he should be put into retirement . . he is NO front-runner . . . or financial friend or a plus to CT . . . if all the case(s) facts come out . . . he is a let spend your $$ on whatever I want to . . . politician . . and they are no longer needed in today’s society and CT’s

    a registered Independent