• that is a creepy list.

  • The pictures were creepy, but the editor of a site called Overlawyered should not be particularly amazed at the thought of fabricated charges of rape and domestic violence. If a wife claims domestic violence, she can win much more in divorce settlements, and the deck is stacked against the husband and in favor of the lawyers who rake in the commissions. Women do lie, especially if given every incentive, and someone does have to defend the accused.

    Now, do I think the guys in charge of these businesses will be particularly scrupulous in terms of representing those who merit a zealous champion? Not really, but if your wife is levying spurious allegations of abuse against you after having left you for some outlaw because she does not “feel it” anymore and taken your kids with her, you might not find a picture of her being muzzled all that objectionable.

    The picture of the drugs and money was rather morbidly funny.

  • The designer for the website should be fired. I can’t believe someone would create something like that and think it’s a “good” idea.