• […] “One major problem with Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft’s downloadable game service, is that you must deal in ‘Microsoft Points,’ and they come in increments that usually cost more than the price of a game alone. A lawyer has now filed a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft for this practice.” [PC World] Update: not quite as reported? […]

  • He maintains he spent fifteen “attorney” hours trying get his money back to stop the charges from appearing on his credit card.

    If it actually took him 15 hours to rectify this problem what does that say about his attorney skills?

    This not the first time Attorney Lassoff has sued a high-profile defendant with deep pockets on his own behalf. In August 2006, Mr. Lassoff unsuccessfully attempted to bring a class action against Google, Yahoo, and IAC Interactive Corp. for click fraud. The case was voluntarily dismissed. Before that, in April 2006, he brought a class action against Kerzner International Resorts and Atlantis Paradise Island Casino. Similarly, he also voluntarily dismissed that case. And in 2004, Attorney Lassoff sued the State of New Jersey, New Jersey Police, Bally’s Casino Atlantic City and a half-dozen others for alleged damages arising out of scuffle in which he was involved. Ultimately, he lost this case on summary judgment.

    I guess that answers my question.