“Do you have a possible court case where you really want to ‘get’ someone?”

Chris Fountain brings us a truly over-the-top California lawyer website: “For us, the other side is not merely an opponent—they’re the enemy! For us, litigation is war. We’ve given the term ‘scorched earth litigation’ new meaning … We carpet bomb the other side with discovery, and our deposition questions are like hellfire missiles.”

And the sequel he finds on Facebook is even funnier.


  • gosh, that is awful close to confessing to the world you engage in violations of rule 11 and their state equivalents.

  • I would think it would be substantially less funny when it happens to you, but anyway…

  • I have to concur with A.W. This just doesn’t sound like it withstand an ethics complaint.

  • Anon

    Well, i am not sure i would go that far, but let me tell you that if i was on the other side of them in a suit and there was any chance of going after them for rule 11 sanctions, that ad would probably be exhibit A.