February 24 roundup

  • Adventures of a 28-year-old California foreclosure attorney [McSweeneys]
  • National Enquirer ruled eligible for Pulitzer Prize consideration for John Edwards coverage [ABC, Guardian]
  • Las Vegas attorney agrees to plead to unspecified charges in tort-mill scheme initially described by prosecutors as massive [ABA Journal, earlier here and here]
  • Expect demands for greater regulation of general aviation after Austin attack [Skating on Stilts]
  • Dear firm colleagues: does Morocco has an extradition treaty with the U.S.? Need to know quickly [Lowering the Bar] Related on Scott Rothstein: do not purchase investment advice from persons with gold toilets;
  • Is a Texas prosecutor seeking to criminalize workplace accidents? [Bennett, Defending People]
  • Cold comfort dept.: lawprof tired of people carrying on about being dragged through litigation, it’s not as if they’re being held liable [Howard Wasserman, Prawfsblawg]
  • Iceland’s free-press project “is largely symbolic – which is not to say unimportant” [N.Y. Times quoting David Ardia, earlier]

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